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Since 2010, Anza Foto + Film has had one goal: Provide our clients with authentic, artistic and timeless photography and videography. We have grown from a small husband and wife team into a full service studio commited to capturing unscripted moments and crafting killer portraits.


You deserve the best service and talent for this once in a lifetime day in your lives. That is why we keep our boutique team small, so you can be sure you are getting the Anza level of expertise. Esteban and Jenna (also husband and wife) are now an integral part of our team. Esteban’s videos are fun, artistic and like Eric, are grounded in the real moments of the day. Jenna has an eye for the beautiful moments that usually go unseen. They are the perfect duo to our duo!


We truly love what we do and find inspiration in our amazing clients. While based in San Diego, we have traveled internationally documenting weddings across the world. India, Thailand and Mexico are a few of our past favorites!


Experience has shown us that booking all our services together is an awesome idea. However, photo, video and photo booth collections are available for booking individually.



some of our favorite wedding moments...

-groom's traditional processional on a Thailand beach

-multi day wedding in indian. fireworks and famous performers included

-romantic and intimate cabo wedding. lots of tequila induced fun

-wild dance floor moments in los angles. the hotel ground was shaking from the dance floor shenanigans

-reception on the sand of the San Diego harbor with the sunset in the background

-rehearsal 'dinner' on a private boat in st. thomas. island hopping all day long!


Portraits of Kristina Cazares Neri, Photographer and owner of Anza Foto + Film


lead photographer

Kristina knew she wanted to be a photographer since before she knew how a camera works. She ruined countless rolls of film as a child because she wanted to take photos but had no idea how to operate her dad's old manual film camera. A few years later and too many rolls of film to count, she deepened her knowledge and passion for the art of photography. Kristina has a knack for finding the most beautiful ways to document what others see as ordinary. This passion for showing the world fleeting moments of beauty is what drew her to weddings. She loves her family and documenting their life with their two little kids in photos.


lead videographer

Eric has always had a soft spot for beautiful and emotional films. He grew up making home movies in his backyard and perusing Blockbuster Video for anything with the little Film Festival Award emblem on the cover. Once he met Kristina, he got his filming groove back and Anza Foto + Film was born. Eric has a gift for highlighting the moments during a wedding day that pull at your heartstrings. What's even more special is he knows how to seamlessly weave that together with the raging dance floor fun. That's Eric for you, a big heart and loves to have a good time! Eric likes to go to happy hour with Kristina, wrestling with their 4 year old son and letting their 2 year old daughter have him wrapped around her finger;)


lead photographer

For a little blonde woman from Visalia, Jenna can karaoke Gangsters Paradise like no other. Prior to joining the Anza team, she worked as "Jumbo Tron" Jenna for the San Diego Padres. I know, super famous... She continued on at Padres to be their Entertainment Coordinator. She is now an Anza photo ninja and is a natural at capturing the fun moments throughout the day. We especially like to make her ninja up walls, trees and buildings to get those super cool wide shots. Jenna is also the Co Founder of You're Invited Events. Looking for an awesome wedding or event coordinator? Get in touch!

San Diego Photographer and Videographer for Anza Foto + Film Esteban Benitez


lead videographer

Dont be intimidated by Esteban's shaved head, beard and tattoos... this teddy bear of a man will have you laughing when you meet him and crying when you see his work. Some say he looks a lot like Shel Silverstein, but don't get too excited because he has never written a poem in his life;) Since joining the Anza team 3 years ago, Esteban has created a natural, artistic style that is the perfect addition to our team. He's lighthearted and calming presence help our couples feel at ease. Esteban likes drinking Pina Coladas on Sandy beaches with his wife Jenna... as long as the Pina Colada has an umbrella in it.

est. 2015EXPLORESan Diego Photographer VideographerAnza Foto + Film Award Winning Photographer and Videographer

We are a boutique photography and videography studio based in Southern California. We serve San Diego weddings, Los Angeles weddings and Destination weddings worldwide. Anza Foto + Film can't wait to meet you!

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