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South Asian Zoom Wedding – Mihir + Pooja

It goes without saying that these past few months the world has just turned upside down. We’ve been bombarded with worrying news about the Coronavirus on top of the affects in our personal lives. When Pooja and Mihir decided they needed to postpone their multi day South Asian wedding we were initially sad for them. That sadness quickly diminished as we realized the plan these two and their families had. They turned what could have been a sad story into something beautiful and special. We truly admire them for that.

Pooja and Mihir postponed their large, gorgeous South Asian wedding to next spring but decided to move forward with an intimate zoom wedding! They have been waiting many years for this pivotal moment in their lives and they wanted to celebrate their love with this commitment and couldn’t wait until 2021. We were so excited when they asked us to document the zoom wedding for them in photos and video. They only invited their parents and siblings so we felt very comfortable and thankful to be there as witnesses.

We had a long day with them as they went from getting ready, to first look, to various ceremonies at each of their parents houses. Their parents live only 5 minutes apart, which made the transitions quick and easy. We even did first look at the high school where they met, just 3 minutes away from Pooja’s home. We felt like destiny was on our side when we were on our way to take photos in front of the classroom that they met in and realized that the door was open! With everything being closed we did not expect anyone to be on campus. The kind teacher allowed us to take a photo INSIDE the classroom which was very sweet. Pooja had been dreaming of taking a wedding photo with Mihir in that classroom for years so it was a very special moment for them. Don’t you love it when the stars align perfectly?!! It reminds you that you are exactly where you need to be:)

One of my favorite moments was the Barat. The Barat is when the groom’s family and friends make their way up to the bride’s parent’s house with a wild and loud procession. Since this was a zoom wedding Mihir had only his mother, father, sister and the priest making the walk with him down the street. It was so sweet to see their smiles and laughter as they made their own version of a Barat!

Pooja’s sweet sister managed the zoom wedding situation for them, meaning she was on laptop duty! Family and friends all watched online as they two were married in Pooja’s backyard. More family and friends lined up in cars to honk and wave at the couple after the ceremony. They all got to witness the zoom wedding via the internet and then got to see the couple from a safe distance in their individual cars. It was a brilliant plan and made it extra special for the couple. After being showered with congratulations from the drive-by they headed to Mihir’s parent’s home for the final welcoming of Pooja into their family.

I have had many couples who have had to postpone their weddings but are considering have a ceremony sooner rather than later. I would highly recommend doing this for multiple reasons. First, you get to experience the best of both worlds. You WILL have your fun and beautiful wedding with all of your loved ones next year. But you also get to experience being married in an intimate setting. Pooja and Mihir will still do a modified version of a ceremony next year and I think that is a great idea.

Really, there is no one right way to reschedule and change your wedding. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy. If you feel like you just can’t wait to get married and want to experience something intimate, do it. If you feel like you want to wait for the big moment when you are in front of all of your guests, do that. We just hope all of you couples going through these reschedules remember that your special days will be here soon. The Anza Foto + Film team will be so happy and ready to document these moments for you.

Mihir + Pooja, thank you for having us be apart of such a special moment. We are SO happy you adjusted your plans as you did. Up next, YOUR BIG FUN South Asian WEDDING in 2021!! Cant wait!

Photography by Kristina Cazares Neri

Wedding Planner | Denise Lillie Engagements

Decor | Aesthetika Events

MUA + Hair | M Sutra

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